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The changes made in this big update are explained in this blog post.

XforWooCommerce 2.0 June 20, 2023.

All XforWooCommerce code was washed with a PHPCodeSniffer on WordPress-Core standards and all noteable errors were fixed.

This means that the items are more reliable than ever and are again checked for errors on all sides and with many integrations.

The Demo installation is now running WordPress 6.2.2, WooCommerce 7.8.2 and XforWooCommerce 2.0.0.

Our servers run VestaCP NGINX, PHP 8.

Product Filter 9.0.0

  • fixed array_unique problems for terms selection
  • fixed thumbnail size bug
  • fixed WPML issues
  • fixed multicurrency support
  • fixed prepare query standards
  • fixed filter title on empty pages
  • fixed terms customizations and WPML
  • general plugin performance improvements

Product Options 6.0.0

  • fixed multicurrency and prices support

Product Badges 5.0.0

  • added shortcode support to detect when in the product loop
  • fixed admin badge preview problems

Bulk Add to Cart 2.0.0

  • fixed multicurrency