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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where's my plugin zip archive?

A: Any items you purchase from Envato Market CodeCanyon you can find here in your CodeCanyon Downloads section. There you can download any plugin archive you've purchased including ours. Make sure you're using the plugin archive, as sometimes you download the complete package and the plugin archive needs to be extracted from it. If you have troubles please use our Help Center here

Q: Can I contribute to the XforWooCommerce Docs with my own help articles?

A: Sure! That's awesome! Please visit our GitHub repository and make your contribution. Thanks for getting involved!

Q: I feel like some help articles are missing?

A: Yes, articles are there to be available from the first day. We're adding new ones every once in a while and if you need some topics covered, please do send us an email. You can also use our Help Center and submit your request, our support staff will assist you with XforWooCommerce items.

Q: How can I get support for my item?

A: Need pro help? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Submit your request here. Follow this link and visit our Help Center → Click Login with Envato and login with the account you've purchased the XforWooCommerce item. Once logged in, for the item you need support with, click Submit ticket from the table row. If your support has expired, click the Renew support and renew your support before making a new ticket.